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JROTC Q & A2016-12-05T13:57:36-05:00
What is the Heimlich Maneuver used for?2016-12-05T03:50:26-05:00

To clear a blocked airway of a foreign object.

What does CPR stand for and what is it used for?2016-12-05T03:49:49-05:00

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. It is used to restore breathing and heart beat.

What is First Aid?2016-12-05T03:49:17-05:00

First Aid is the immediate assistance to an injured victim until official medical help is available.

What are the five basic colors on a military map and what to they stand for?2016-12-05T03:48:43-05:00

Blue – Bodies of Water
Green – Vegetation
Black – Man Made Objects
Red – Highly Populated Areas
Brown – Contour Lines and Elevation

What instrument is used to determine a magnetic azimuth?2016-12-05T14:00:52-05:00

A compass

What instrument is used to determine a grid azimuth in a field environment?2016-12-05T03:47:39-05:00

A protractor

What foot is the Command HALT called on?2016-12-05T03:46:53-05:00

Either Foot

What is the second part of a command called?2016-12-05T03:46:20-05:00

The Execution Command

What is the first part of a command called?2016-12-05T03:45:49-05:00

The Preparatory Command

What is the rate of step for Quick Time March?2016-12-05T03:45:14-05:00

120 steps per minute

How many inches are in a half step for drill?2016-12-05T03:44:44-05:00

15 inches

How many inches are in a normal step for drill?2016-12-05T03:44:11-05:00

30 inches

When is the U.S. Army’s birthday?2016-12-05T03:42:59-05:00

June 14, 1775

When was the Constitution signed?2016-12-05T03:42:26-05:00


When was the Declaration of Independence signed?2016-12-05T03:41:52-05:00


Who were the primary antagonists in WWII?2016-12-05T03:41:07-05:00

Germany, Japan, and Italy

Who were the primary antagonists in WWI?2016-12-05T03:40:30-05:00

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire

What war was fought in the 1960’s and 1970’s?2016-12-05T03:39:58-05:00

The Vietnam War

What happened on December 7, 1941?2016-12-05T03:39:25-05:00

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

What war caused the most American Casualties?2016-12-05T03:38:53-05:00

The Civil War

What is the first part of the Constitution known as?2016-12-05T03:38:11-05:00

The Preamble

What age is a U.S. citizen allowed to vote?2016-12-05T03:37:24-05:00


What are the two ways to become an American Citizen?2016-12-05T03:36:45-05:00

Birth and Naturalization

What are the first ten amendments of the Constitution known as?2016-12-05T03:36:16-05:00

The Bill of Rights

What are 11 Principles of Leadership in JROTC?2016-12-05T03:35:20-05:00
  1. Know Yourself and seek improvement.
  2. Be technically proficient.
  3. Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your own actions.
  4. Make sound and timely decisions.
  5. Set the example.
  6. Know your personnel and look out for their well being.
  7. Keep your subordinates informed.
  8. Develop a sense of responsibility in your followers.
  9. Ensure each task is understood, supervised, and accomplished.
  10. Build a team.
  11. Employ your team in accordance with its capabilities
What are 14 Leadership Traits in JROTC?2016-12-05T03:34:25-05:00
  1. Bearing
  2. Courage
  3. Dependability
  4. Decisiveness
  5. Endurance
  6. Enthusiasm
  7. Integrity
  8. Initiative
  9. Judgment
  10. Justice
  11. Knowledge
  12. Loyalty
  13. Tact
  14. Unselfishness
What are the three phases of a conference?2016-12-05T03:31:16-05:00

Opening phase
Closing phase

*Know how to use the different leadership styles in different situations!

What are the four traits a leader must possess?2016-12-05T03:30:09-05:00

Candor, Courage, Competence, and Commitment

What are the three types of leadership?2016-12-05T03:29:31-05:00

Directing, Delegating, and Participating

What does the blue rectangle represent on the flag?2016-12-05T03:24:34-05:00

The Union.

Who created the first Stars and Stripes Flag?2016-12-05T03:23:24-05:00

Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

What are the three types of uniforms?2016-12-05T03:22:50-05:00

Class A, B, and C.

What is the definition of Chain of Concern?2016-12-05T03:26:17-05:00

The NCO upward communication system designed to allow the CSM the knowledge about the morale and concern of cadets.

What is the definition of Leadership?2016-12-05T13:52:05-05:00

The ability to influence others to accomplish a mission using motivation, drive, and influence.

What is the definition of Judgment?2016-12-05T03:27:10-05:00

Making decisions while keeping the consequences in mind.

What is the definition of Integrity?2016-12-05T03:27:40-05:00

Doing what is right because it is the right thing to do even when no one is watching.

Who are the founding cadets of the Wildcat Battalion?2016-12-05T03:17:13-05:00

C/LTC Tiffany Reis
C/LTC Barbara Adas
C/Maj Jennifer Methvin
C/ Billy Glover

What year was the Wildcat Battalion established?2016-12-05T03:16:45-05:00


In what year was the JROTC Program started?2016-12-05T03:15:46-05:00


The JROTC Program began officially with the passage of what act?2016-12-05T03:12:59-05:00

The National Defense Act

What is the purpose of JROTC?2016-12-05T03:11:44-05:00

To develop leadership abilities in all cadets.

What is the Key to Success in JROTC?2016-12-05T03:07:26-05:00


What is the Mission of JROTC?2016-12-05T03:02:49-05:00

To Motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens.

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